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20th century world history has become a very important century. World wars are among the first in this century's events. In terms of its consequences and influence, World War II has left both political, sociological and historical, in short terms, more influential than the first. Ideologies defended by the sides of the war give us some idea about this century and especially about World War II. Basically, Turkey is in the midst of this war, where one side of Communism, the other side of Fascism - and of course democratic countries like Britain and America - are involved. Although Turkey did not actually participate in the war, it felt the effects of the war very closely. One of these influences was inevitably in politics. In the mixed political atmosphere during the war, there were advocates of Nazi Germany as well as supporters of the Soviets. The struggle between the advocates of these two sides followed a fluctuating course according to the course of the war. The aim of this study is to try to shed light on this atmosfere in Turkey with the Racism-Turanism Case, which is an event in Turkey that can be called the manifestation of this extraordinary period under the conditions briefly mentioned above. And while trying to do this, the Turkish press has benefited from it. Thus, the political life in Turkey was investigated under the shadow of foreign development by the way of this case who lived in 1944-1945.

World War Two, Nationalism, Turkey, Case Of Racism-Turanism, Press


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