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Turks in Germany from Author Bekir Yıldız

engaged in literature and art. The works and arts of immigrant workers continued for three generation and the process still continuos. Early on immigrant workers, wrote negative issues such as homesickness, nostalgia for family or home, cultural difference and thus they created immigrant literature. Although the first writings of the first generations did not arouse attention much about the first works, they later made great noise. In the second generation the subjects were identity anxiety and they resembled the first generation. The last generation concentreated on other specific issues. After the second and third generations contributed to the immigrant literature, immigrant literature has been rooted for 60 years. The first generation worker and writer Bekir Yıldız is one of the important and first names of immigrant literature. In this work the first generation writers Bekir Yıldız’s life, his works, his work identified with himself and the first works of immigrant literature “Türkler Almanya’da” are examined. In this work, the positive and negative events that occured to immigrants such as leaving their hometown and starting a new life in a developed place like Europe, were analyzed. They did not find what they expected in this new world. Some immigrant who went to Europe to economic and pressure problems in their countries became happy while some workers disappointed. In this work of Bekir Yıldız, starting from the abroad trip, subjects like nitrution housing their daily lives Europe's economic and social situation with Turkey were discussed.

Bekir Yıldız, immigrant literature, worker, work, immigrant


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