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The Representation of Turkish Migrants in Austrian Media

This article examines the history of Turkish immigrants in Austria. The central theme of this paper is the representation of Turkish migrants and Turkey in the Austrian media. The Austrian migration policy is analyzed with regard to Turkish migrants. Afterward, we will discuss how the racist and hysterical expressions about Turkish migrants are discussed in the public, especially in the print media. In this context, the public statements of the Austrian parties against Turkey and the Turkish migrants are also examined. In this article, the following research question has been addressed: How will Turkish-speaking migrants be represented in the most-read Austrian print media? How do these representations affect the image of Turkey in Austria? The main goal of these articles is to prove that the Turkish citizens living in Austria and their religion, mainly Islam, are no threat to the Austrian culture and society, explicitly for Christianity. Solutions and strategies for positive and independent media reporting are presented.

Turkey, Austria, the media, migration, İslam and headscarf


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