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When we look through the historical process of the international system, it is seen that in every century new states emerge in the position of system affecting dominant power. As Modelski stated in his theory, the rise and fall in dominant power position occur once in hundred years. In every century, certain state rises and dominates in world seas and this domination lasts almost a hundred years. In this process, a power defying the dominant power emerges and as a result of the conflict between the setwoforces, a new third state emerge as anew dominant power and declares its world domination in the world overseas. For instance, it was Portugal and Spain in 15th and 16th century, Holland in the 17th century, France in the 18th century, England in 19th century and after weakening of the Ottoman Empire, USA in the 20th century has declared the world domination respectively. The US as the dominant power of the twentieth century, declared the global world domination by turning the competition and conflict between England and Germany into an opportunity in the 19th century.Thus, the US dominated the international system during the 20th century. In the study with the heading of “Sustainability of the US Middle East Policies in the Changing International System”, the question of how the 21st century will be shaped and how the US will pursue its dominant power status will be discussed. In addition, the questions such as if the US is losing power, which state or states challenging US? Which state can come to the fore as the dominant power in the global world of the new century will be analyzed, and the possible scenarios of how the new world order can be shaped will be put forward.

Dominant Power, New World Order, US, Conflict


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