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Education system and educational institutions in Ottoman Empire

Education system and educational institutions in Ottoman Empire In the classical educational institutions at the madrasas of the Ottoman period, there had been a gradual focus on religious sciences. It can be observed, that religious sciences and spiritual sciences were put together until the 17th century. The Ottoman Empire, as other states as well, established educational institutions to bring up their nationals adequate to its own thoughts. These institutions, which were founded by the state and foundations and which increased and became more and more diverse from the founding of the state to its downfall, can be divided into two main groups: 1. Formal educational institutions. 2. Non-formal educational institutions. After the Tanzimat, the distribution of Western style education can be observed. In the educational institutions founded during the time of Tanzimat and thereafter, the educational activities which can be seen as religious education, took consistenly place at the forefront. Quran recitation, hadith education and medical education were given gradually in the madrasas of the Ottoman. These institutions were officially abolished by the law of tevhit-i tedrisat (unification of the education) in the Turkish Republic.

Ottoman Empire, Madrasah, Education, Turkish Republic


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