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Musical instruments have shown various changes from past to present. Musical instruments are developed both acoustically and technically under the influence of the age and music. Like other instruments, guitars have gone through this process of change. The resulting sociological phenomena and the resulting music as a result of the influences, at a rapid pace, replaced the known rules with new ones. The guitars, which have undergone major changes since the 19th century, adhered not only to acoustics but also to technological developments of the times. The use of the guitar as a solo and accompaniment ensured that it was placed in front of many types of music. Therefore; shaped according to the needs of the music performed at the differences in types of guitar began to show itself. In the 20th century these differences and changes not only on the guitar, the guitar and the alongside and will be used as an integrated device to provide power it and also the existence of the software, it also provided development. The scope of the study; pick-up and effects on the guitar. The purpose of this research; is to conduct a detailed review of some of the equipment that improves, processes and transfers acoustic guitar sound. In this context, it is aimed to expand the information circulation of musicians and individuals interested in the subject.

Technology, guitar, effect, processor, pick-up


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