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Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language the Study of A1 and A2 Level Course Books in Terms of Well-Known People

One of the main tools in teaching Turkish as a foreign language is textbooks. Books are often used in lessons for many reasons, such as being guided by teachers and students, helping to plan a lesson, and being more accessible than other tools and materials. It can be said that it is important that the books used in foreign language teaching of foreign languages have many functional qualities such as content, presentation, visualization, suitability to student level, usefulness, interest, facilitation of learning. In the textbooks, the presence of famous people in public can be applied to daily life in terms of language learners, and they can create interesting perspectives. These well-known people may be prominent people living in the country where the language is spoken, or well-known people belonging to different nations. In this study, the famous people who were included in the A1 and A2 textbooks for foreigners by carrying out document analysis were classified and tried to be classified according to their famous areas. In the research, the visuals, activities and reading parts of the A1 and A2 level textbooks were used. Based on the results obtained, the results related to the use of the well-known people in the textbooks in the visual, activity, reading parts have been reached and suggestions have been made.

Teaching Turkish, Teaching Turkish with foreigners, textbooks, culture transfer, well-known people


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