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Farabi is a Turkish philosopher who lived in the 9th and 10th centuries and is of Islamic origin. Considering Farabi's evaluations of political philosophy, the opinions on the presidential model of today can be emphasized. In this sense, Farabi's perception of the presidential model seems to be similar to the presidential government system that will be implemented in our country. It can be said that the different points are not from the President and the system but from the preference of the aristocracy-democracy management model. Farabi put forward the aristocracy as a model of good governance. However, with the Presidential government system, democratic elements and ideally democracy are being emphasized. In this respect, in the study, Farabi's political philosophy was explained by his view on the presidential model was considered. Also, the model of the presidential system, which is practiced in our country under the name of the Presidential government system, was examined. As a result of the study, it is discussed how the Presidential Office, members of the cabinet, bureaucrats, bureaucracy and public personnel can gain corporate identity in the new structure.

Farabi, Policy, Political Philosophy, The Presidential Model, Presidential Government System


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