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Today, there are more important and influential actors than the economy, finance, etc., among the factors that will lead the destiny, a kind of extinction or development of a state. Given the history of many states and people under the main theme of colonialism, there are quite a wealth of examples of apostasy and modern recruitment. In the context of modern recruitment the accumulation of apostasy in the history of Turkey is more closely related to us than the world. When we look at the most up-to-date apostasy and recruitment in our recent history, people who grow up in our country and who have a serious respect by the people have attempted coups in this country and caused hundreds of civil innocent people to be killed. Some, for the sake of a so-called ideology, forced a faithful community based on history to the mountains with false promises, threats, blackmail and forced efforts and caused thousands of parents to suffer the grief of losing a child. As a result, we should not forget the so-called master journalists and radiomen who support these ideologies and who are active in today's most important routing domain such as TV, radio, social media, and who are not known to sleep under which flag. Modern recruitment, one of the applications of intelligent power strategies within the context of the power relations of the countries and the framework of interest relations in the global world is the most influential of today's exploitation tools

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