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Energy is one of the important indicators of economic wealth of countries. Turkey is as a natural energy bridge as geopraphical between the rich Eastern in terms of energy supply and the West which demands energy. Increasing dependence on energy and dense population of Turkey force it to make the most pragmatist policy. Because The Turkey is poor in terms of fossil energy resources and it is not at the desired level in renewable energy resources. So it wants to use the advantages of being in the energy transit route. Turkey, which is strategic transit country, is also a candidate country to be the energy market by using these advantages. In this study, although mainly it is given to energy and energy security issues, Turkey's energy profile, energy sources and implement policies on energy security has to be emphasized. Turkey’s, despite its insufficiency in terms of fossil energy sources, unfortunately it is dependent to these sources, to take full advantage of the transit route and to invest more in renewable energy sources are the main conclusions reached in the study.

Energy, Energy Security, Turkey’s Energy Profile, Energy Resources, Energy Policies of Turkey


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