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The Evaluation of Slogans Used by Countries Purposeful of Tourism Promotion

Slogans play a significant role for conveying the desired message about the marketed touristic product to the target group in a short and concise way and for increasing the memorability in touristic promotional activities of countries. Countries make a point of choosing effective, motivating slogans that express themselves on the best way in macro promotion efforts. With this study; it is aimed to be selected the slogans which are perceived to be most effective among the slogans which are being used by all countries in the promotion of tourism. Accordingly, the slogans obtained by screening the pages of the official tourism ministries of the countries have been made Turkish language form and the slogans that are considered to be the most effective and attractive were determined by using the questionnaire method. In the questionnaire form countries were separated according to the continents and the names of countries were not given in order to obtain objective results. The top ten slogans ranked according to their frequency of selection by "Frequency Analysis” and according to gender, age and education state variables by "Crosstabs Analysis" were analyzed and interpreted through statistical program. It was determined that according to the participants the most effective slogan was the "Keep Exploring" used by Canadian tourism promotion. In addition, in the questionnaire it was asked to the participants that whether the slogans are influential or not in choices of destinations, and the 70.5% of respondents answered that slogans are influential in choices of destinations. Finally, it was aimed to determine the most effective touristic promotional tools in the preferences of destinations, and the “Social Media Advertisements” was determined as the most used touristic promotional too.

Countries, Macro Promotion, Promotion, Slogan, Tourism


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