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Unemployment and İŞKUR's Active Employment Policies

Today unemployment is seen in all countries regardless of the level of development.Countries are implementing macro and micro policies in the fight against unemployment.As micro-employment policies, many measures are taken in the context of active and passive policies. The inability to create sufficient employment areas at the rate of increasing world population, differences between regional development levels, lack of quality work force to meet sectoral changes and incomplete and inapplicable policies before, during and after work come to the forefront as reasons for Inadequate measures. Among the most important sources of employment agency acting for unemployment in Turkey is Labor and Employment Agency (İŞKUR).İŞKUR focuses on employment services at micro level rather than macro politics in the field of employment and it is the most effective institution at this level. More specific and short-term solutions put into practice at İŞKUR level, the failure to meet the required manpower deficit for sectoral workforce changes, in addition to supporting skilled and semi-skilled workforce training, to increase the employment opportunities in line with the requirements of the information society,especially in the fields of information, communication and service, should include their studies in their applications. The aim of this study is to draw attention to the fact that İŞKUR services should be restructured according to the requirements of the age in the context of the reasons explained. Annually published reports of İŞKUR and annual unemployment and employment figures prepared byTurkey Statistical Institute (TSI) were used as data. When the present numerical data and the changes in the sectoral level are evaluated, it is reached that to set up approaches for educating the workforce in accordance with the requirements of the information society is a necessity in İŞKUR's service deliveries.

Employment, Unemployment, İŞKUR, Work force, Sector


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