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Undergraduate Students Campus Life Expectations And They Face Problems: Isparta Vocational School Graphic Design Programme Example

Student life is the focal point of the campus (the campus), academic, social, cultural, intellectual and athletic activities to perform organizational and infrastructure capacities in relation to, residential units. In other words, classroom, amplifiers, labs, cultural centers, art houses, dining rooms, cafeterias, sports units, banks, communications and transportation offices, dormitories, entertainment venues, live day and night with student square and Festival is a living space. Accordingly, the University campus life and students ' only course is more than a media out. In terms of knowledge, culture and communication students gives them social harmony, self improvement, we found the opportunity to spend a significant period of time and place. This time, pass the quality and seamlessly, University campus living standards depends on the quality and safe. In the study, Suleyman Demirel University of the East and West Campuses (Campus) offers opportunities to students, students encounter problems on campus, to convey a better campus (the campus), transcends the expectations of vocational school of graphic design in order to program in the 70 students, housing, transportation, education, social life, internet network, sports facilities, instructors, classrooms, a cafeteria, canteen-cafeteria, information center, and the course material needs can be met, and so were asked to make assessments in terms of categories. University campus in order to overcome their problems and expectations for these problems, suggestions, Ishikawa Diagram.

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