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Political Skills and The Relationship Between Career Satisfaction: A Field Study

Political skill; the ability to actively understand others in the workplace, to use them to influence them and to enrich the personal / organizational goals. Career satisfaction is the relevance to our level of satisfaction from the point of career that we have come to the conclusion that we are working in the past. In this study, political skills and career satisfaction concepts are explained. The research is designed as an area study. Later on in Edirne, a survey was conducted to determine the interaction between the political capabilities of the various levels of employees working in industry-based businesses and career satisfactions. The fact that this kind of work has not been done before in this area has been a source of motivation for researchers. Other studies in the literature show the difference in the research done on workers in different areas of research, but in this study it was done on workers in the industry sector. It can be said that this difference is also a contribution to the literature. As a result of the research; political skill sub-dimensions and career-satisfaction sub-dimensions were found to have significant interactions with many demographic variables. It was also found in analyzes that there was a significant interaction between political skill and sub-dimensions of career satisfaction.

Political Skills, Networking Ability, Interpersonal İnfluence, Social Astuteness,


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