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Mahmud Tai bin Muhammed’s Sharh Of Gulistan

It is adjusted that the 16th century is the most fruitful period of the genre sharh (commentary) in the classical Turkish literature. In this century, it’s seen that there have been commentaries written on Arabic and Persian works, besides Turkish ones. Among Persian works, Saadi Shirazi’s work called Gulistan took place near the top. The commentaries for this work had started to be written in 16th century and have continued uninterruptedly until the late 19th century by different commentators. Mahmud Tai bin Muhammed was one of the 19th century commentators of Gulistan. In this research firstly we are going to introduce Mahmud Tai bin Muhammed and his work called Sharh of Gulistan (The Commentary of Gulistan). However, by comparing his method with one of the 16th century commentators Sudi Bosnavi’s method of commentary we are going to examine his method of commentary and his purpose of commenting the Gulistan.

Saadi, Mahmud Tai, Sudi, Gulistan, Sharh, Commentary


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