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In the Ottoman Empire, the printing press began to be used very late by the Turks. Institutional and legal regulations for publication life It continued throughout the nineteenth century. The press-publication guidelines were formed over time and were frequently changed in line with needs. In this century there were movements to destroy and divide the state. Government policies have therefore always been restrictive. Only Muslims were not complaining about harmful publications. The Armenians complained about the propaganda of the Catholics. Catholics objected to Protestant publications. All Christians opposed positivist, atheist, socialist publications. The first task of governance was to prevent conflicts and unrest among the various social sectors. Therefore, the most important problem in these years was the publications that disrupted public order. The methods of the struggle were as follows: to investigate harmful publications, to forbid publishing, to prevent foreign harmful publications from entering the country, to punish responsible persons, to neutralize negative publications abroad. In this article, the Ottoman Government's attempts to prevent harmful publications are examined. The main source of the research is the documents of the Ottoman archives.

Ottoman press, press policy, press history, harmful publications, censorship,


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