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“Kispet” - Traditional Clothing of the Cultural Heritage Oil Wrestling Sport

Oil wrestling is one of the traditional sports with a nearly 650-year history in Turkey, where the unique national and religious ceremonies are ongoing today. Traditional practices such as reading pray, greeting of the wrestlers and wearing kispets are still going on. The only unchanging garment of the oil wrestling that has survived for centuries is kispet; the creativity of handicrafts and the most important element of wrestling. Cut and sew the kispet in accordance with the wrestler’s body is the most important part of a handicraft that passes from the master to the apprentice. Unfortunately, the decrease in the interest in traditional mastery today has a negative effect on the transfer of this craft to the younger generations. In this study, oil wrestling and kispet history, the features of leather used in kispet making, making its pattern and sewing, decoration and post-use care are discussed. In addition, information about the wrestlers and the wrestling competitions of the period were used from the interviews with family of the Olympic and world champion Hasan Güngör and the Kırkpınar chief wrestler Hasan Şahin from Denizli.

Handicrafts, Oil Wrestling, Leather, Wrestler, Leather


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