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Cartographic representation, the place and the various features of the place by means of map and map-like displays, is the activity of presenting reading from all levels. Here, the space can be the whole or a part of the Earth and other planets, or it can be the people, students and administrators from all walks of life. Information on the map is given in generalized, simplified, classified and symbolized, along with other features that make up the map. Cartographic communication also occurs when the reader can get the coded information at his own intellectual level. In the cartographics representation and communication there are cartocaricatür/cartoonmaps, which have a common usage are a among those mentioned in the map-like representation section above. Cartocaricatür in English, cartocaricatür, cartoonmap, Comixmap is expressed in terms such as the concept, which means cartoonmap into Turkish as cartocaricatür. The purpose of the paper is to identify similarities and differences and explain the common use areas of cartocaricatür. It is also aimed to gain cartocaricatures to the geographical area. The subject has never been studied in this way. In this article, phenomenology and sampling of qualitative research methods were used.

cartography, cartographic representation, cartographic cominication, map. cartocaricatür.


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