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The tourism sector, which is one of the most competitive environment in the world that develops, prosper and changes day by day, is called as "no chimney industry" as it used to be today. In order to promote this competitive environment, countries develop and implement new ways, methods and approaches in order to obtain a satisfactory share of the enormous tourism pie. One of these approaches is holistic tourism. Holism is the common name of philosophical approaches that stand out from the idea that the whole is different from the parts that form itself. According to this approach, the analysis of all component parts can not be understood. All the elements that we can hear and see in the truth are integrity. The approach, which finds application areas in economics, medicine, sociology, geography, philosophy and many more, has become one of the current approaches in tourism. This study will focus on holistic tourism aimed at integration in tourism, to discuss the importance and place of concrete and abstract cultural values in the approach, Turkey's position in tourism and its objectives will be revealed. In addition to quantitative data, descriptive study and hermeneutics were used as a method.

holism, tourism, holistic tourism, concrete cultural values, abstract cultural values


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