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Economic benefit to the Community production of the products delivered to consumers can be expressed as. Products such as Human, capital, raw materials are processed to various stations as input can be obtained from the passing of. Enterprises production capacities in the most efficient way to use the time and the right place, the right information must be used. Today's evolving information technology information has become the most important element in exercising. With the help of information technology systems created in information processing in the best way they can provide to employees they analyze. One of them, the production information systems ' production by analyzing all the information about the provision of the means of production and the identification of targets, programs allow. Thus production and creating management reports will help at the point of decision. Reports all information about business-related from different angles and the general trend of the enterprise as a whole, the overall performance of the Department as detailed and provides an accurate view. With this information are correctly reporting the decisions for the future of the past by looking at the information that can be imported. In this study, the analysis of the enterprise's production-related information and information system by creating what types of reports does the decision points within the Administration aimed to what kind of contributions can provide. Research began to show new activity in Adıyaman to a textile plant is taken as an example. With the help of ICT-based production information systems main production zone is what kind of Ring spinning machine can create analysis reports were examined and various reports about the production. Research results are shared with administrators a range of advice.

Information, Business, Accounting, Systems, Production


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