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Institution-specific legislation, organizational structure and its ability to adapt to evolving conditions have an important role the ability of an institution to fulfill its establishment goals and maintain its sustainability. The management strategy shaped by the framework of legislation of Atatürk Forest Farm, which is one of the first and distinguished institutions of the Republic of Turkey, is discussed in this study. In this context, the applied management strategy and the emerging problems are investigated and proposed solutions for the determined problems are presented. Atatürk Forest Farm legislation entered into force in 1950 and passed about 69 years ago. It is considered that the amendment of the legislation in accordance with the existing conditions and the restructuring of Atatürk Forest Farm in the direction of Atatürk's bequest will make a significant contribution to the institution's survival and sustainability.

Gazi Forest Farm, Atatürk Forest Farm, Management, Strategy,Legislation, Will


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