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Ibnu’l-Vezir who passed to the sect of Salafiyya when he was a member of the Zaydiyya and wrote his works on this understanding, also included the issue of the relation between reason and revelation among his views on faith. The author who shaped his thoughts on this subject mainly through the criticisms of the science of kalam and the attitude of his followers, pointed out to the attitude that the mind should take in the face of revelation. Ibnu’l-Vezir rejected two approaches in this matter, which he thought led to the increase of religion by referring to the path of reflection and reasoning and decrease in religion by turning to ta’wil. He implied that these two concepts did not give the religious texts the value they deserve and left a large area to mind in the face of revelation, usually shaped his answer to them through the Qur'an and the Sunnah. The author who deals with the conflict of mind and revelation in relation to this issue, stated that if they are clear and valid in line with the understanding of Salafiyya, they will not dissafirm each other. He listed the possibility of accepting such a conflict through such items as act on mental evidence which is thought to be definite, even though it is suspect, in spite of the depth of sharial area, weakness in the field of mental and despite extensive knowledge in sharial sciences ignorance of mental sciences.

Ibnu’l-Vezir, reason, revelation, Salafiyya, kalam


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